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Talk to a trusted adult about any information you receive or see online that makes you scared or uncomfortable.Secret Crush + Text Message = Big Trouble. Will Allie be able to stop the text message trail before it gets to Mike Chang?


Stuff to Know

  • Once you put something on the Internet, it’s out of your control. Forever.
  • Talk with a trusted adult about what information is OK to send online or through text messages.
  • Be careful about what you share—it could end up anywhere!
  • If you get a text, IM, or e-mail that was meant to be private, think before you forward it. Would you want someone to share your secrets?
  • Mad at a friend or want to get back at an enemy? Don’t do it online. Kids have been suspended and even arrested for posting mean and threatening messages.
  • Remember, it doesn’t take very long for a text message or online content to travel. Something that you regret saying now could be all over your school in a matter of minutes.