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Attitude Overdrive

There's nothing wrong with playing to win, but what happens when someone crosses the line between competitor and griefer?


Stuff to Know

  • If you run into a griefer, don’t respond. Block them, save any evidence, and report them.
  • Choose gender-neutral, appropriate screennames.
  • Use voice-mask so other gamers don’t know your age or gender.
  • Don’t share personal information through game chat.
  • Don’t share your account details, like passwords, with other gamers, or even your friends.
  • Never agree to meet a fellow gamer offline if you do not know them in person.
  • If something happens that makes you feel scared or uncomfortable, tell an adult you trust.
  • Remember, if an advertisement or another gamer offers something that sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • If you’re upset while gaming, take a break and cool off before continuing.
  • Respect other gamers online and don’t become a griefer yourself.
  • Gaming online involves real people. Think about what you say and do!
  • Click here to find out what you should report.