How do I use this website? is a website designed for tweens (ages 8-12) with videos and games that teach them about Internet safety in a fun, age-appropriate way. This website also houses Real-Life Stories videos best suited for ages 11-17. Read more about the organizations behind here. Then…

  • 1. Take a look around - Watch the videos, play some games, and try the interactive comic.
  • 2. Decide which resources you want to use - Be sure to select the videos that are most appropriate for your students. For example, the more mature Real-Life Stories videos are not recommended for younger tweens.
  • 3. Register to download - If you have already registered on, you do not have to create another account. You'll see an option to "Download" next to each video. Teaching materials, such as lessons plans and discussion guides, are included.

Here are a few ideas to help you integrate NSTeens materials into your curriculum:

  • Have students record their own Teens Talk Back video. They can interview each other and share their opinions on topics like cyberbullying and online privacy.
  • Give your students free game time during class. They’ll learn as they play!
  • Allow students to read the comic independently and invite them to share what they learned from their choices.

Where can I download more resources?

Go to There you’ll find more videos and Activity Cards, as well as handouts, presentations, and safety pledges.