Allie - Age: 15

  • About me: I’m pretty quiet and save all my deepest thoughts for my journal. Words, not eyes, are the windows to the soul.
  • Hobbies: writing poetry, daydreaming
  • Favorite quote: “In summer, the song sings itself.” – William Carlos Williams

Becks - Age: 16

  • About me: I’m an enemy-slaying gamer with crazy skills. Am I competitive? Are you kidding? I never lose.
  • Favorite cause: Opportunities for girls in tech
  • Favorite quote: Keyan is my cousin (Hey cuz!)

CL - Age: 14

  • About me: I don’t like to use words to talk about myself. I can only be captured through art.
  • Hobbies: drawing, painting, photography, dying my hair
  • Prized possession: Mini etch-a-sketch (my specialty)

Keyan - Age: 16

  • About me: What’s up, I’m Keyan - straight A student and all-around nice guy. You’ll usually find me on the basketball court or in my basement with my turntables.
  • Hobbies: spinning (mostly hip hop) and playing ball
  • Life ambition: DJ…or basketball player…or DJ…ask me tomorrow.

Lolo - Age: 14

  • About me: Fashion. Is. Everything. My joy in life is giving my friends makeovers. (You’re next, Slick!)
  • Life ambition: Celebrity stylist
  • Best friend: CL’s my girl!

Mike Chang - Age 15

  • About me: I’m a pretty laidback guy. I like playing music and hanging with my friends – basically I’m the definition of “uncomplicated.”
  • Online interests: Publishing free music tracks – free the Internet!
  • Prized possession: Just 1? My wireless game controller and my guitar are equally loved.

Slick - Age: 14

  • About me: If I could, I would implant a microchip in my brain to keep me permanently connected. I eat, breathe, and sleep online.
  • Real name: Why do you want to know? Who sent you?
  • Favorite gadget: Smartphone – from which I rule the world ;)

Tad - Age: 17

  • About me: Did you know that humans share 50% of their DNA with bananas? I like science. :-D
  • Full name: Thaddeus…but DON’T call me that unless you’re my mom and I did something to deserve it.
  • Best friends: Everyone!